Accessing Non-PDFs on a Mac

Accessing Non-PDFs on a Mac


Accessing non-PDFs on a Mac is very similar to accessing them on a Windows OS. Once selected users will be prompted to select the location in which they wish to save the files, click ok, and then the download will complete.


In some cases, Mac users may have their internet download setting set to “automatic” which, in relation to the SmartRoom, will automatically download the files to a predetermined location as soon as they are selected within the SmartRoom. This can result in the user thinking that the SmartRoom is not functioning appropriately which is not the case.


In order for users to determine where the files are being download they can go to the “Safari” menu > General tab > here they will note where the files are being saved to automatically.



They can also select cmd(apple)+option+L in order to instantly pull up the “Downloads” folder to retrieve the necessary documents.

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